AI* Blockchain Sustained Oral Health Care Solution for Global Dental Industry

DentiNect is Highly Secured Blockchain Encrypted, Patient Cocentric, Artificial Intelligence Parallelled Oral Healthcare Joint Aiming to Provide Optimal Healthcare Solutions at Fractional Costs with Guaranteed Quality Assurance.
DentiNect Platform is Aiming to Build a Safe Environment with Reciprocal Benefits to the Patients, Global Dental Community & Market.

(* intends to integrate Artificial intelligence to augment preliminary diagnosis of oral health problems)

What is DentiNect?

Mission Statement

DentiNect Mission is to Monetize Easy Access to Best Data, Practices, Doctors and Researchers in Most Secure and Cost Effective Ways Avoiding Payment Frictions. DentiNect Aims to Set a Gold Standard in Accurate Diagnosis, Timely Treatment and Effective Management of Oral Health Problems through Oral Health Tele-Medicine, AI and Blockchain Uniform Collage.

What is OroDonti Coin(ORO)?

ORO (OroDonti Coin) is part of the DentiNect Platform Infrastructure. ORO is Developed on the Ethereum Network ETC-20 token.


Soft-cap Budget Allocation

  • 27% Product Development

  • 39% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships

  • 12% Operations

  • 6% Legal

  • 16% Management

Our Team Members

Our Advisors

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