Frequently Asked Questions

What? When? How? Where?

What Is DentiNect Platform?

The DentiNect Platform is an emerging software platform exploring solution tools and applications, focused on both the practitioners (dentists/clinics, hospitals), patients & research- academia, dental supply industry as the main target group. Our platform will be providing target specific incentives for each group. The prime of the DentiNect platform is OroDonti (ORO)- an ERC20 token, part of the Ethereum Network and built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain crypto exchange

What is OroDonti (ORO) Coin?

ORO (OroDonticoin) is part of the DentiNect Platform infrastructure. ORO is developed on the Ethereum network, as ETC-20 token. Here is a link that provides you with all the information you may need in order to verify the legitimacy of the smart contract:

As a Dentist , Why Should I Become a Member of DentiNect Platform?

  1. Promotion via DentiNect marketing channels including our website, trusted review platform, social media and email user database
  2. Complimentary Press Release on our website
  3. Sponsored Facebook posts in your region for the partnership that you have joined the DentiNect Partner Network
  4. You will be added to our DentiNect Partner Network map on our website along with Partner badge on the Blockchain Review Platform
  5. Exclusive access to our newest tools and we will give you the opportunity to test them out, which we can improve based on your feedback. We will also work with you on providing you specific options on those applications that fit your clinic’s model. ( it is up to you to decide whether you want to try them or not.)
  6. Complimentary access to future conferences of DentiNect where you can connect with other professionals from the field
  7. Receive brochures regarding the tools and training of your personnel how to use our tools

What are DentiNect Tools?

Kindly, Follow our Project Summary

What are ORO compatible Wallets?

Oro Wallet is ERC20 standard, you can create wallets on

As a Patient, Why Should I Become a Member of DentiNect Platform?

  1. Our partners will offer discounted yet Quality Dental Treatment
  2. Our products entail oral health awareness to avoid future problems saving cost and time
  3. No waiting time in acquiring appointments through our partnered channels
  4. Ease of choosing a oral health care practitioner according to your needs and resources
  5. Earn patients tokens or discounts on reviews and feedbacks
  6. Earn money through referrals

As a Dental Student/Researcher/ Postgraduate Resident, Why Should I Become a Member of DentiNect Platform?

  1. Find easy income alternatives through DentiNect E-commerce platforms
  2. Get access to teaching and earning tokens via podcast channels
  3. Get unlimited access to indexed journals at fractional costs
  4. Get in touch with world class oral health care specialists through our platform
  5. Get attested and blockchain reviewed portfolios buildups