Changing the Future
of Dentistry

"OroDonti was a completely different experience.
Choosing OroDonti increased my income steadily with enhanced patient satisfaction levels. All positive feedbacks improved the work environment"
Innovate Your Practice
To a Gold Standard
OroDonti Coin is the BitCoin of Dentistry

OroDonti is a Token for Future Funding that is Built on Top of Ethereum Blockchain Providing Efficient, Well Resourced, Highly Secure Payment Gateways and Software Solutions in One Platform

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a Block of Identical Information Across an Entire Network of Decentralized Data being Hosted by Millions of Computers Simultaneously Ensuring :

  • Incorruptible Transaction Payments
  • Secure Data Archives
  • Transparent Reviews


How Do We Use AI?

DentiNect Platform Intends to Integrate Artifical Intelligence like NLP (Natural Language Processing) & Perception Providing:

  • 24/7 Oral Healthcare Solutions
  • Augmenting Preliminary Diagnosis
  • Maximize Resources by Reducing Cost, Time & Workload

OroDonti is the Easiest Way
to Add Income Streams

All the Tools in the DentiNect Ecosystems will be Customized by Crypto Currency (ORO) Coin Dynamics

These Tools will Provide added Benefits of a Singular Interconnected Payment Gateway to Patients, Associated Dentists, Specialists, Hospitals, Researchers & Dental Industry Suppliers.

How to Add Income Streams?

  • Market Your Practice
  • Monetize Payments through OroCoin
  • Earn Partner Rewards & Avoid Practice Overhead
  • Free Review Tags
  • Free First Contact Appointments
  • Monetize Payments through OroCoin
  • Fill surveys & Use of Healthcare App will make you Earn OROCoins
  • Decreased Insurance Copayments
  • Discounted Treatments with our Partners
  • Earn through E-Commerce
  • Avoid Third Party Payments
  • Special Researcher OROCoin Exchange Profits
  • Unlimited Access to Indexed Journals

DentiNect Ecosystem